Network and Community Engagement Manager

Communities, either personal or business focused,  are easy to create but need nurturing if they are to be  sustained. All human being wants to be part of a group, but will only engage if they share the group beliefs and identify benefits in participating.

Getting to know your community members, and realising their aims of being in your network, is time consuming. Communication needs to be continuous, online and offline platforms need to be planned and managed, and response (or lack of) needs to be monitored and used to adapt.

Network managers can help:

• Organisations free up time to focus on other critical areas,

• Understand what to focus on to improve the network,

• Plan, organise and manage offline events from start to finish,

• Facilitate offline engagement via platforms, social media or newsletters


I manage an annual programme for entrepreneurs in London, run by an Angel group and sponsored by the City of London. Between 15-20 start ups participate and meet monthly at our offline, expert sessions where mentors from our extensive network (200+) join to advise and network. Here are the day to day tasks I encompass to keep the community engaged.