Business plan portfolio

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Ugly Fruit: Social enterprise Grocery retailer, Brighton

Organised and managed the creation of a business plan with a small team. I conducted primary research on the location of the store and interviewed local social enterprise about costs to create a competitive pricing strategy and forecast cash flow over first five years.

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Received high praise from clients, who felt confident on approaching investors with the plan.

311e678Step off the Street: Social enterprise working with homelessness charity, setting up a new age charity shop, Brighton

Focused on market research again, creating surveys, conducting primary research within Brighton and analysing results to support opportunity analysis.

Following the completion of the plan, I presented ‘Dragon Den’ style to a panel of experts and won a £20,000 grant.


RubyMoon: An ethical swimwear company, Brighton

Conducted secondary research on a low budget to create in depth market analysis and competitor research. Created visuals to capture and share findings. The companies Market Research lead sent me an honourable testimonial following completion.

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Formatted all information, collected from a range of resources, and sculptured into the business plan. Created a detailed plan as well as a sorter, bitesized Investor pitch deck.

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