Virtual Introduction

_mg_8171A citizen of the world, Sara Sophie grew up in a number of countries across different continents including boarding for six years in the India Himalayas before settling in England for higher education.

Her upbringing sparked a passion for culture and philanthropy and lead her
to complete a degree in International Business. While studying at the University of Sussex, she was introduced to the Social Enterprise society, Enactus
Creating the role of Project Coordinator, she spent a year advising the founders of start ups, individually as well as setting up collective sessions, aiming to get the projects running more efficiently and more effectively.  

Since graduating in 2014, Sara Sophie has worked for a number of start ups across the world. She has been employee #1 a number of times and has worked or advised in a number of areas including managing and coordinating projects, creating business plans, conducting market research to understand customer and competitors, creating digital marketing strategies, understand online networks and improving engagement. 

Sara Sophie now dedicates her time to support entrepreneurs startup and grow through her role at The Platform and through her StartUp Mentoring offering.

Sara Sophie sits on the Board of Directors for RubyMoon, an ethical swimwear brand, and is on the Advisory Board for Rank & File, a digital magazine for the social entrepreneur.

If you are looking for support to startup a business get in touch.